About me

Being a designer can be kind of tricky to explain.

This portfolio is a compilation of the knowledge and experience I've gained by exploring many areas of design.

To me, design is as much about asking the crucial questions as it is about getting in and making something. This dual thinking / doing nature is what makes design so interesting to me. While I’m greatly concerned with visual aesthetic, I’m equally as eager to dive deep into some serious technical learning.

For these reasons, my practice has led me to develop skills as a design generalist, proficient front end developer, image maker, and all-round technical person. I love combining many different disciplines into meaningful designs.

I like to think that my broad knowledge gives me the ‘language awareness’ to work well with people from varying disciplines. It gives me an edge when it comes to bridging the gap between an idea and a real product. As an example, if I’m creating a web layout, my extensive experience with HTML, CSS, and recent Javascript learning, means I know how that design is likely to be translated into something that actually works in a browser.

All good design work can be paired back to a deep understanding of how an audience interacts, so naturally this is a core concern across the various areas of my work.

About Me



Design HTML CSS Javascript Responsive

Taking some of the existing character, aesthetic from the original Pxljam site, the artwork has been remastered and extended upon to create a clearer home for one of Wellington's more popular jaming events. Integrated with a dynamic signup form and rails backend to handle / approve team entries.


All About Beauty

Design HTML CSS Javascript Responsive

Clear brochure style Website, and Photography for a Beauty Therapist based in Whitby.



Design HTML CSS Javascript Responsive

Website for Wellington's BluJam game jam. I quickly put together the layout, branding, and front end for this in a couple of weeks, as the first event was looming. Javascript controls a dynamic sign-up form, which is then submitted to a rails back-end (another developer handling that).



Javascript Flickr Api CSS HTML Responsive

After spending a lot of time maintaining different implementations of gallery code across various websites, all with different features, I figured it was time to start developing a replacement. flickrGal is a fully responsive, easy to use gallery utilising the flickr api. It pulls specified image collections from a flickr account. Written purely in javascript, with no external dependencies, it has a basic set of features which I'm adding to over time.

Github Project Demo Site

Dwellings of Wellington

Design HTML CSS Javascript React Responsive

A website and image redevelopment project for a boutique property management company in Wellington. Used this as a bit of a react experiment for the various dynamic areas of content (forms, collapsed text, scrolling etc). Also shot the waterfront photo for the main view.



Javascript CSS HTML

A fun, pure javascript project to aimed at developing my familiarity, and proficiency with the language.

Github Project Play

Reilly Joinery

Design HTML CSS Photography Responsive

Website for a joinery business. Much of the photography was also completed as part of this project.



Design Branding HTML CSS Responsive

PC4G was a larger project creating an identity for the programming event, which could be friendly enough to attract the right audience.



Design HTML CSS Responsive Jekyll

Website for personal photography and film related work. Utilises the Jekyll blog platform for authoring the posts in /stream .


Jamie Mackman

Design HTML CSS Responsive

A clean and simple site to show off the paintings by Wellington artist, Jamie Mackman.


Leah Pikimaunga


A simple artist website to display photographs by Leah Reilly.




Website home for the short film 'Lines', and info about it's creators.


Graphic & Print Design

A book of Shot Designs

Layout for Print InDesign

A printed collection of cinematic stills and production notes, which prioritises white space and makes images powerful.

Buisness Cards

Design for Print InDesign

Buisness card designs for various projects.


Logo Poly Art Illustrator

Logo / Graphic for the BluJm identity. The BluJm name is derived from the BlueJ IDE which new ECS Vic Uni stufents use to learn java, so the poly 'Blue Jay' is a play off that.

Golden Eagle

Logo Identity Illustrator Photoshop

Our game jam team needed a name. At some point we threw Golden Eagle around and it kind of stuck. We're still open to a better name.

Drawing and Painting

Leah & Sam

Vector Painting Mischief

Vector painting / illustration paying particular attention to small details. Enjoying the incredible ability to paint near infinite detail resolution in Mischief (Vector painting software).

Life Drawing

Pencil Butchers Paper

Sample from a successful life drawing session.

Staff Only

Digital Painting Photo Manipulation Photoshop Mischief

Artwork created to be adapted into an exhibition poster. A mix of digital painting, and photo manipulation. Was really enjoying working with colour here.

Wedding Tree

Pencil on Paper

A Pencil illustration 'Wedding Tree', to be printed and used as the wedding register (people press their fingerprints on as coloured leaves, signing next to them).

Beach Scene

Vector Painting Mischief

Vector illustration backdrop for a video scene in the video I produced for Community Research.

Community Research Video

Underwater Scene

Vector Painting Mischief

Another vector illustration backdrop for the Community Research video. This is only a section of the much larger underwater scene.

Community Research Video


PxlJm 2014

Concept Art Spine2D Animation Textures Assets

2014's attempt at Wellington's PxlJm. While our team has generally struggled to reach game-play implementation, the intentions are usually there!...

We hadn't titled this one, but the basic premise was a procedurally generated platformer, sprawling both horizontally and and vertically. Our character would collect plants and objects fueling three 'emotional powers' which would need to be balanced in order to progress through the game. Theme was 'With our powers combined.'

I produced concept art as our general guide, as well as character animations (in Spine2D), and textures for the beginning of our terrain generation.

PxlJm 2013

Concept Art Sprite Animation Textures Assets Sound

For our first PxlJm, we decided to go in on day one and start producing a full game including the engine from scratch. This was a mistake, but we had a great time. Concept was essentially don't starve, but I knew nothing about don't starve at the time, and my artwork was going to be a different kind of beautiful.

We got as far as textured terrain and bush generation, with a movable animated player that could pick up berries. Theme was 'You only live once.'


Photographic Work

Cinematic Landscape Documentation Event

My photographic work is best viewed either on my website, or on flickr.

edgelit.co.nz Flickr Profile

Film & Theatre

The Mercy Clause

Set Design Theatre Sketchup

A set design for "The Mercy Clause", Centrepoint Theatre in Palmerston North.

"It's the audience's role to in some way piece together Tom and Brian's disjointed verbal struggle. Rather than give the audience the comfort of a familiar setting to begin with, we saw potential for the play's initial ambiguity to be integrated with the set design, and used to our advantage. In order to maintain the 'grappling' feeling, the opening scene could be a 'blank slate' so to speak, a new case which is slowly 'textured' by the various actions, objects and ideas introduced."

Design Article


Editing Cinematography VFX

A showreel of various film related endeavors, including cinematography, editing, and a little bit of VFX.


Short Film Cinematography Editing VFX Green Screen

A short film put together by 3 collaborators and myself.

Watch Film VFX Breakdown Article

Frame Rates in Action

Design Experiment Film Tech Cinematography Article

What do frame rates have to do with telling better stories? A design experiment attempting to glean some information about how we read cinema differently depending on the project frame rate. I put together the same film segment twice at different frame rates for a detailed side-by-side comparison.

Read Article (with video samples)

What Works

Creative Lead Writing Editing Motion Graphics

Community Research needed an instructional video for the launch of their new 'What Works' Website. The goal was to inform visitors about the general website functionality, while promoting the fundamentals behind What Works. "Are we making a difference?" "How can we do better?"

Community Research

Creative Lead Writing Editing Motion Graphics Digital Painting

The Community Research video is designed to inform visitors about website functionality, but at the same time promoting Community Research as a whole. Visual narrative was used as a metaphor for the various explanations, with a general encouraging message that participation and contribution in Community Research activities will benefit the greater public.


Cinematography Editing

This is a piece I completed to promote Cathryn's site responsive work. The goal was to communicate the work as being completely adaptable to the specifics of each site, looking at how it transformed this public space inside the New Zealand National Library.